Frame by frame and digital animation for the last Magical Marsh poem .

Personal project made w/ Adobe Animate & After Effects.

The magical marsh is a fictitious place that I imagined superimposed on reality during the first lockdown: a place of dreams, of escape and reflection, of solitude too. From this dream and these thoughts a body of text was born, and this project (re)presents the attempt at visualising this journey. It is a matter of translating a set of colours, images, sounds and sensations that I have associated with the idea of this deserted palace, a place that is lived as both a refuge and a prison, the way I lived that first lockdown back in March: liberated and imprisoned.

Here is the 7th track (’Sky Edge’) music video in collaboration with Wookiz (music).



All rights reserved. Louise Julien (2021) 
All rights reserved. Louise Julien (2021)